About “ION”

Herbal products for human were used widely for ages but for pets, ION is the first herbal products to be produced especially for pets. It works with human so why not pets..

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Does ION work?

ION Products have been tested with several kinds of pets, for example cats and dogs, with satisfactorily effective results. Users can confidently use ION with their beloved pets while preserve the environment in the process.

When it was started?
ION Products have been launched in Thailand pet’s business since 2002. With mild and effective formula, the product becomes well-known to Thai market in short time and gains a good reputation among groomers who solely selected ION to use for their customers.

Local, Regional and Global.

ION was grown up from the local market and was started exporting to regional country in the first year of business. With the main aim to distribute our products worldwide, we are now looking for a representative in many countries from Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA. With our product’s quality that reaches international standard, you can confident that our product will have a good sale opportunity in your country.